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Cyclists are most likely to be involved in bike accidents involving a car at intersections. While only 11 percent of bike accidents involve a car, 45 percent of them take place at intersections.

Some common causes for bike accidents involving cars:

  • Motorists often underestimate the speed of a bike,
  • fail to watch out for bikes or
  • don’t see them because they are smaller and they blend into the busy background.

Cycling safety tips to avoid bike accidents

With bicyclists bearing the biggest risk of injury in accidents involving cars, it is important to use safety tips to decrease their risk of a collision.

General cycling safety tips:

  • Maximize visibility
  • Understand and follow the rules of the road
  • Learn to recognize the most dangerous intersection hazards
  • Be extra cautious and aware when stopping or traveling through an intersection

Liability in bike accidents involving cars

It is important for cyclists to understand that if they don’t follow the rules of the road or fail to keep a proper lookout while cycling, they might be deemed responsible for an accident. Cyclists who were following the rules of the road but are hit by a driver who wasn’t following the rules of the road may be surprised to find that the driver and police try to blame the cyclist for the accident.

If you were in involved in a bike accident with a car, contact a personal injury attorney who may be able help settle the accident in your favor.

Tips to avoid bike accidents at intersections

Intersections pose a special risk to cyclists for many reasons so cyclists should keep the following intersection safety tips in mind:

  • Increasing visibility of their bike and themselves with the use of front and rear lamps, reflective and brightly colored clothing
  • Staying on the lookout with a mirror and by looking around
  • Riding defensively
  • Learning to use emergency maneuvers to avoid collisions
  • Adjusting lane position to the left or right as you approach the intersection to increase visibility to drivers who are turning in that direction or in the opposite direction
  • Never riding against traffic
  • Slowing speed at intersections so that brakes can be applied quickly, like when a car cuts off a bike
  • Consider taking the entire lane through the intersection to increase visibility to cars (although this may annoy motorists behind you)
  • Don’t attempt to cross the intersection by riding into the crosswalk from the sidewalk, which makes it even more difficult for the motorist to see you
  • Consider walking your bike across as a pedestrian
  • Avoid being in a car’s blind spot while approaching from behind or while waiting at traffic lights

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