multi-vehicle pile-ups

Multi-vehicle pile-ups or multi-vehicle collisions are accidents involving many vehicles. Pile-ups are most likely to happen on heavily trafficked freeways with a high speed limit. This type of traffic accident can be deadly at worst and cause a lot of damage at the very least. It is common for vehicles stuck in a pile-up to get hit several times, increasing the odds of whip lash and other personal injuries. When cars spin upon impact – which is common in multi-car pileups – passengers are in high danger for side-impact injuries. One of the biggest risks associated with multi-vehicle pile-ups is when a fire begins in one vehicle and spreads over the entire crash zone. When people exit their vehicles during a pile-up they put themselves in danger of being hit by another car. Determining the cause of a multi-vehicle accident can be a challenge; injured parties will benefit greatly from the help of an experienced car accident attorney.

Top 10 multi-vehicle car pile-ups in history

The all time worst multi-car accidents in history each involve over 100 vehicles! Four of the top 10 happened in the Unites States and eight of the top 10 involved foggy conditions. While most car accidents can be blamed on factors such as speeding and reckless driving; when it comes to multi-car traffic accidents, inclement weather is to blame in the worst of them. It is easy to see how a pile-up can happen when a car rear-ends another in a stopped line when he can’t see the cars due to fog or a car skids and crashes into other cars due to icy conditions.

Top 10 multi-car pile-ups in history:

10. Place: Ochten, the Netherlands. Date: October, 1991. Number: 150 vehicles. Factor: heavy fog

9. Place: Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England, UK. Date: March 10, 1997. Number: 160 vehicles. Factor: heavy fog

8. Place: Hendersonville, TN, USA. Date: December 1, 2011. Number: 176 vehicles. Factor: heavy fog

7. Place: Galesburg, MI, USA. Date: January 9, 2015. Number: 193 vehicles. Factor: fog

6. Place: Lansing, MI, USA. Date: January 12, 2005. Number: 200 vehicles. Factor: fog

5. Place: Mobile, AL, USA. Date: March 20, 1995. Number: 200 vehicles. Factor: fog

4. Place: Los Angeles, CA, USA. Date: November 3, 2002. Number: 216 vehicles. Factor: fog

3. Place: Vysocina, Czech Republic. Date: March 20, 2008. Number: 231 vehicles. Factor: snowstorm

2. Place: Braunschweig, Germany. Date: July 19, 2009. Number: 259 vehicles. Factor: heavy rain

1. Place: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Date: September 15, 2011. Number: 300 vehicles. Factor: heavy fog

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