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An insurance policy is a promise by an insurer to provide insurance protection to its policy holders. In addition to the duty to provide protection, the insurer must also negotiate and settle claims in “good faith.” When an insurance company denies a policy holder’s claim in “bad faith” it means that they have denied a […]

The supply of vaccines used today is considered the safest in history; the vast majority of people do not experience any adverse reactions. Of those who do incur side effects, most are mild; very rarely, people have more serious side effects, like allergic reactions. In the rare circumstance where someone experiences a negative side effect […]

Every day, thousands of babies and kids receive routine vaccinations at the advice of their doctors and health professionals. While most parents trust that the benefits of administering a vaccine outweigh the small chance that their child will suffer a vaccine injury, some feel hesitant about taking the risk. What is a Vaccine Injury? A […]

Many people associate the Pacific Northwest with beautiful scenery and the outdoors. Many choose to get outside and hike, mountain bike, kayak, and ski. Though we don’t like to think about it, there are risks associated with outdoor sports. Safety precautions must be taken to help decrease the chance of a hiking accident or other […]

Surfing is a fun and adrenaline packed sport, very popular for warm weather vacations. Surfing safely requires a certain amount of physical fitness and some common sense safety rules. Being prepared with some basic safety items and surfing safety tips can help to make your day great. If you or a loved one has been […]