worst cooking and baking injuries

At Christmas time the kitchen is used even more than normal and that means the risk of being injured in a booking or cooking accident is increased. Cuts, burns and slip and fall accidents account for the worst baking and cooking injuries. According to SUNY Downstate Medical Center’s ER Dr. Michael Lanigan, burns and cuts account for almost 95 percent of all kitchen-related injuries in his ER.

Apart from personal injuries, fires involving cooking equipment account for two of every five reported home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment left alone is responsible for one in three fires. Half of kitchen fires are ignited by substances such as fat, grease or oil. When cooking with grease, keep a metal lid nearby in case you need to smother flames. If a fire breaks out in your oven, turn off the heat and keep the door closed. Keep a fire extinguisher with a minimum 5-B:C rating in your kitchen. Call 911 if the fire becomes out of control.

Worst baking and cooking injuries


Liquid burns occur when hot water, grease or other substances splash or spill onto skin. Contact burns occur when the skin comes into contact with a hot item such as the side of a pot. The best way to prevent a kitchen burn injury is to wear long sleeved shirts while cooking or baking, particularly when heating oil on a stove top. Always wear oven mitts when removing hot items from the oven.

Microwaves are responsible for thousands of burns annually. Always be cautious while removing a wrapper or cover from a dish recently removed from a microwave as steam can escape and cause a burn. Let food cool for a minute and give it a stir before tasting as microwaves can heat food unevenly. Never boil water in the microwave; water boiled in the microwave may seem okay but it carries the risk of a violent eruption.


In 2012 alone, knife cuts injured more than 350,000 people according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. One of the biggest culprits is dull knives, which are actually more dangerous than sharp knives because they require more pressure to use. The additional pressure increases the chance that the edge will slip off the food and into fingers. Knives should be kept sharpened, cutting boards should be placed on top of a damp towel to reduce their risk of slipping around and knives should be stored in a knife block or with a protective cover. Always cut away from body with the fingers of the hand holding the food curled toward the palm.

Thousands of lacerations occur each year from shattering cookware. Avoid sudden temperature changes in cookware such as moving pieces directly from the freezer to the oven as it can cause shattering. Also, never put cold water directly into a hot piece of cookware and stop using dishes that are chipped or cracked.

Food processors and blenders are responsible for thousands of lacerations in the kitchen every year. In fact, Conair recalled eight million Cuisinart food processors due to a laceration hazard on December, 13, 2016. Never reach into a blender, slicer or chopper when the blade is in place. Wash sharp pieces in the dishwasher and always unplug the appliance before removing parts.

Range tip-overs

Thousands of Americans are injured every year from a cooking range tip-over. Children are especially vulnerable to this type of injury as they may be tempted to climb on top of an open door. Cooking ranges should have an anti-tip bracket in place. Cooks should never place heavy roasts or other items on an open oven door.

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