car accident

Serious car accidents can put the driver and passengers at risk for very painful or even long-term injuries. Broken bones are common in severe car accidents because of the intensity of the crash. People are especially at risk for broken bones if the vehicle is severely damaged or contorted. Leg, hip, rib and vertebrae fractures are common; they can all lead to a loss of mobility and/or loss of work while healing. Both the time and medical care that it takes to heal from broken bones caused by car accidents costs money; if you have suffered a broken bone through no fault of your own, contact a car accident lawyer today to learn about your rights.

Broken bones resulting from car accidents

In many cases, broken bones and fractures resulting from car crashes are more serious than breaks sustained in other types of accidents. The reason is because of the intense force wreaked on the person’s body in a car accident. Many people who break bones in a motor vehicle accident require surgery and hardware to secure bones because of multiple fractures. Different types of bone fractures that may result from a car accident include avulsion, compound, simple, buckle/greenstick and hairline/stress. Compound fractures break the skin around the bones which makes them vulnerable to infection and can complicate healing.

Serious types of broken bone injuries caused by car accidents:

  • Tibia, femur and fibula fractures. Broken legs and ankles can leave a person permanently unable to play sports and perform other physical activities. They can also take a long time to heal from and leave one leg shorter than the other.
  • Facial fractures. Facial fractures can cause facial disfigurement, nerve damage or loss of vision.
  • Skull fractures. Skull fractures can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Rib fractures. Rib fractures can be difficult to diagnose and treat but make the person ache all over.
  • Hip fractures. Hip fractures often require a lengthy recuperation period and can leave an elderly person with serious complications or even death.
  • Herniated disks/back fractures. Spine injuries often create lifelong pain and injury including sciatica, nerve pain and numbness.
  • Pelvis fractures. A fractured pelvis often requires surgery and a steel or titanium implant to support the crushed bone.
  • Clavicle fractures. A clavicle fracture, also called a collar bone fracture, is very painful and can take several months before a victim regains full use of their arm or shoulder.
  • Wrist and humerus fractures. Broken arms or wrists usually require time off of work to recover; both types of breaks can be slow healing. A humeral fracture can cause radial, axillary or ulnar nerve damage that takes 12 months to heal, leaving the wrist and fingers limp for months. In some broken wrist cases full wrist function is never recovered.

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