surfing safety tips

Surfing is a fun and adrenaline packed sport, very popular for warm weather vacations. Surfing safely requires a certain amount of physical fitness and some common sense safety rules. Being prepared with some basic safety items and surfing safety tips can help to make your day great. If you or a loved one has been injured in a surfing accident, contact an experienced accident lawyer today.

Follow these Top Surfing Safety Tips:

  • Take surf lessons or surf alongside an experienced surfer willing to teach you when learning the basics of surfing. Keep practicing until you feel confident.
  • Before heading out, find out about current surfing conditions by talking to a local surfer or ask at a local surf shop.
  • Be prepared. Bring a first aid kit, sun block, protein snacks, and water.
  • Always give your body a quick warm-up and stretch before entering the water. Preparing your body can help reduce your risk of muscle injury or cramp while surfing. It is also a good time to observe the waves and look out for rips.
  • Either wear a wetsuit or a UV-proof long sleeve rash vest for body protection.
  • Surf with a friend and let someone know where you will be surfing and your estimated time of arrival.
  • Do not surf while intoxicated; it impairs your judgment and the fine motor skills needed to surf safely.
  • Prepare yourself physically before surfing. You need to be able to carry your surf board and swim back to shore if you lose your board (which could be very tiring in the waves).
  • Survey your surroundings. Look around for other surfers, boaters and swimmers and be considerate of their space.
  • Remember surfing etiquette because it can help to keep you safe: do not take another surfer’s wave. The surfer who is closest to the breaking wave has priority and you will have to wait for the next wave.
  • If you are a beginner surfer, choose an area with small waves. In general, only surf in waves that you feel comfortable navigating.
  • Know when to hold or throw your surfboard. Always keep a hold of your board if you are paddling out; you will get back to the lineup more quickly. If you feel yourself slipping and about to wipe out, throw your surfboard. You are more likely to incur a surfing injury if you are being knocked around with your surfboard.
  • Always surf within designated surfing areas on a patrolled beach.
  • Respect the power of a Rip (nicknamed R.I.P.). A rip is a strong current that normally goes straight out to sea. If you get caught in one, do not panic and do paddle across the rip (not against it) until you have escaped.
  • Do not sit still in one spot; once you have reached shore swim back out to the lineup to catch the next available wave. Sand sharks and other creatures may be lurking.

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