summer safety tips

With soaring heat, more water and other outdoor activities comes an increased risk for accidents. Following these basic summer safety tips will help to keep you and your family safe this summer.

 Top summer safety tips

Always wear a helmet when doing active outdoor activities like skateboarding, biking, roller blading or using a scooter, hover board or rip stick. When a helmet is worn correctly – buckled and with the brim level to the ground – a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 80 percent.

Never leave a child alone in the car on a warm or hot day. Inside a car the temperature increases by 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes. In addition, a child’s body heats up five times faster than an adult’s body.

Practice water safety. Small children should always wear a life vest when playing near or entering the water. Never leave small children unattended in or around water; children can drown in as little as one inch of water. Parents need to understand that drowning is often quiet and silent as the victim uses all of their energy to keep breathing.

Always wear a life jacket when boating. In 2013, 77 percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and of those who drowned 84 percent were not wearing a life jacket.

When playing or hiking outside be sure to pack plenty of water to avoid dehydration and wear sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat to prevent sunburn.

Keep house windows locked or doweled. If you have a second story in your home, keep the windows locked or doweled so they can only open four inches. Do not allow children to lean on screens when the window is open.

Keep children inside when the lawn is being mowed. Lawnmowers shoot out items at 200 miles per hour which is faster than a bullet exiting a gun.

Set rules for the trampoline. There should always be a safety net around the trampoline and children should be limited to one or two at a time. In addition, children should be about the same size when jumping together.

Be safe when jumping into water. Never jump into water unless you are certain that there are no big rocks in the way and that the water level is high enough to clear the jump. Always jump in feet first to decrease the risk of a neck or spine injury.

Intersection safety. Use these tips to help prevent a pedestrian accident when walking in traffic:

  • Use crosswalks
  • Always look both ways
  • Put down electronic devices
  • Always make eye contact with oncoming drivers before crossing the street

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