car theft

A car is stolen every 40 seconds in the United States; rates vary by city and urban versus rural areas. Many car thefts could be prevented, however, if the owner thought more like a car thief. Think about what a potential thief sees when he walks past your car.

3 Questions to ask yourself before walking away from your parked car:

Is your car parked in a quiet area that might be an attractive theft target?

How easy would it be for someone to break into your car?

Have I used an anti-theft device?

If the answers to these questions are yes, easy, and no; you are asking for a car thief to take your car. Generally the more layers of security that you create, the less likely your car will be stolen.

Top 7 Ways to Get Your Car Stolen

  1. Leave your car doors unlocked

You may have heard that your car is vulnerable to theft anyway so it is best to just leave your doors unlocked to avoid a broken window. In truth, locked doors are the first line of defense that you have against car thieves. Most car thieves won’t bother breaking into a locked car because so many are left open.

  1. Park your car in dark, deserted area

Use your gut on this one. Parking in a shadowy, deserted corner is not the best idea as it is more attractive to car thieves who prefer to work in seclusion.

  1. Don’t use anti-theft devices

The more safety barriers you create, the less likely your car will be stolen. Steering wheel locks are still considered an effective deterrent to car thieves. Car alarms and smart keys with computer chips are built into many newer vehicles; these are both effective anti-theft devices. Another good device is an ignition kill switch that prevents thieves from starting your motor. Auto-tracking devices are also helpful in case your car is stolen and needs to be located.

  1. Assume your car is safe in your driveway

Many people take precautions to prevent car theft while at the mall or travelling away from home but let down their guard in front of their house. Leaving your doors open, windows down, or your keys in the car are common mistakes made at home and they are an invitation to car thieves.

  1. Assume that your old beater car won’t be a target

Your car may not be worth a lot of money but it can still be the victim of a car theft used as a “get-away” car, for a drug run, or sold for parts. Also, older cars are often easier to break into.

  1. Leave your motor running

When the weather is hot, you may be tempted to leave your vehicle running to keep the air conditioning going while you run into the store. In the cold, you may be tempted to keep the car running for the heat. Whenever you leave a car running, it is way more vulnerable to theft.

  1. Leave valuables visible in your car

Never leave anything visible in your car, even things that have little monetary value. These items can attract the attention of a car thief and make your car vulnerable to a break in. If you have to leave valuables in your car, keep them locked in your trunk or at least covered with a blanket.

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