flat tire

A tire blowout by a severely damaged flat tire is one of the top causes of car accidents, particularly on the freeway where people are driving at high speeds. The main danger with a flat tire is that it loses all air pressure and causes a driver to lose control.

A car accident lawyer can help to assess your flat tire accident and help you to secure the settlement you deserve.

Causes of Major Tire Blowouts

  • Defective tire (many tires come with a warranty)
  • Tires not adequately inflated; always follow the manufacturer recommended air pressure level
  • Potholes in the road
  • Large cut to the tire that causes rapid air loss
  • Small puncture in the wheel that causes slow air loss over time until the tire pressure fails
  • Overloading a car can cause the tire to give way

Remember that a flat tire or tire blowout can happen at any time. Any situation that reduces the tire’s air pressure and prevents it from supporting the weight of the vehicle can cause a blowout that could lead to a car accident.

When a tire blows out, your car can lurch out of control in less than a second. Often, a driver will over-react and jerk the wheel too hard in one direction or slam on their brakes. Both of these actions can actually make the prospects of a car accident worse.

Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident by Flat Tire

  1. Be prepared. Check your tires for maintenance periodically. Adequate grooves in the tires are important; you should be able to get a key into the tire’s grooves. Check your owner’s manual for the correct level of air pressure and ensure that your tires match up correctly. Always carry the tools to change a flat tire and a spare tire to get you to a tire store.
  2. Keep both hands on the wheel to maintain control, particularly on the freeway. Avoid driving distractions such as talking or texting, handing items to kids in the back seat, etc.
  3. Always drive a safe distance behind the car or truck ahead of you. This way, you can see any foreign objects in the road that you could run over and cause a tire puncture.
  4. If you have a tire blowout, continue your rate of speed in order to preserve your car’s momentum. Gently counter-steer to offset pulling by the blown tire; this can decrease the chances of drifting into another lane or oncoming traffic and help you avoid a head-on auto accident.
  5. Once you have re-gained traction and stability, begin to slow down and carefully pull over to the side of the road. Call for help if are not able to change a flat yourself or do not have the necessary supplies.

Thankfully, car accidents caused by flat tires and tire blowouts have decreased in recent years due to improvements in tire technology. Sadly, though, when a blowout does occur, the resulting car accident can be even more dangerous since people are not expecting them.

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