slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident is a very common type of premise accident that is sometimes caused by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. A personal injury attorney can help you through your slip and fall case. Property owners have a reasonable duty to be aware of dangerous conditions on their property and fix those problems in order to make them safe for visitors. Property owners who fail to fulfill their obligation may be held liable for damages in a slip and fall accident through a premise accident claim.

Top 10 Slip and Fall Accident Risk Factors

  1. Composition of the floor surface. This means the type of flooring and whether it has been properly cleaned and dried. Note that conventional mopping methods can move grease and debris around the floor without really cleaning it; this can add to the slip factor of the floor.
  2. Foreign substances such as ice, grease, or water resting on top of a floor or ground surface.
  3. Floor surface conditions such as loose carpeting, raised or recessed edges, dirt and debris.
  4. Surface changes such as walking from a carpeted floor to a tile floor.
  5. Surface level changes such as unexpected slopes or raises
  6. Obstructions on the ground or flooring such as extension cords, hoses, boxes, garbage, etc.
  7. Compromised visibility caused by poor lighting, glare from the sun, shadows, bright lights, or color contrasts.
  8. Particular human factors such as individual physical capabilities or challenges, shoe types, and familiarity with a given area.
  9. Falling down three of more stairs can result in very serious slip and fall injuries.
  10. Unexpected and distracting conditions such as loud noises, strobe or flashing lights, water on the floor, etc.

How do I prove negligence in a Slip and Fall accident?

If you are looking to collect damages from your slip and fall accident, your premise accident lawyer will need to prove that the property owner was negligent in caring for the property either because they failed to notice that there was a dangerous situation on their property or because they chose not to fix the situation. One exception to this rule is an “open or obvious danger” where a dangerous condition is considered so obvious that anybody who comes on the premises should reasonably understand to avoid the danger. In comparative negligence states such as Washington, a property owner and the slip and fall victim can both be held partially responsible for the accident and the owner will have to pay damages proportionate to his share of the blame.

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