vehicle accidents

A car with unaddressed maintenance issues may be at higher risk for a car accident, while a well maintained car should be better equipped to handle unexpected road hazards such as ice, snow, heavy rain or debris.

Top car maintenance tips to prevent car accident

Check the battery and electrical system. Check battery terminals for signs of corrosion and wiring for cracks. A faulty electrical system could cause your car to stall or operate incorrectly when driving.

Inspect wiper blades for cracks, stiffness or other signs of wear, particularly during wet and cold seasons. Wiper blades wear out over time and lose their effectiveness at keeping the windshield clear, which is vital for safe driving. Also make sure that your wiper fluid is topped up so you can remove bugs, dust and streaking while driving.

Check tires for uneven wear and cracks along the sidewall; look for other issues that may require rotation, alignment or replacement. Tires are more likely to lose air pressure when the weather gets colder so keep your tires properly inflated to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Have your all-wheel-drive serviced regularly to avoid failure when you need it in poor driving conditions.

Check your antifreeze level in the plastic reservoir once the engine has cooled. If you need to top up antifreeze, make sure that it is the right kind for your car. Low antifreeze can cause engine, heater or defroster problems once the cold weather hits.

Since rubber gets brittle over time, check hoses and belts for wear including frayed belts, cracks or soft spots in hoses. Faulty belts and hoses can cause extensive engine damage.

Check all engine fluids on a regular basis. Think of the oil, transmission, power steering and brake fluids as the blood running through the veins of your vehicle. If you re-fill fluids yourself, make sure to use a clean, unopened container to avoid contamination.

Check your oil and transmission fluid levels every month. Dirty oil or low oil and transmission fluid levels can affect how your engine performs and lead to premature wear and costly repairs. Always follow the oil and transmission fluid change schedule recommended by your manufacturer.

Check that your brakes are in good condition. Functioning brakes are particularly important in wet, icy or snowy conditions when your vehicle is more likely to skid. In addition, worn brake pads can damage rotors, leading to expensive repairs. Brake fluid leaks cause brake failure and a potentially deadly accident.

Check the air filter and replace when it gets dirty. A dirty air filter can cause poor engine performance and decrease gas mileage.

Check your lights on a regular basis by doing a “walk-around” of your vehicle. Burnt out headlights, taillights, brake-lights and turn signals can cause car accidents.

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