car accidents

Car accidents are caused by many reasons including poor driving conditions, distracted driving and worn-out tires. Every driver should work to eliminate risk factors for car accidents.

These top driving & maintenance mistakes are responsible for many car accidents:

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of car accidents; particularly the use of cell phones. Even wireless cell phones create a mental distraction and texting while driving is almost as dangerous as drinking and driving. Avoid distractions by checking your phone before you leave and waiting to check it again until you have pulled over.

Focusing on directions instead of the road

Particularly when driving in unfamiliar territory, we tend to focus on road signs and directions instead of the road ahead and the drivers around us. Swerving out of a lane or causing a rear-end accident are common consequences to a failure to pay attention to what is around you on the road. If you need to check directions, pull-over to the side of the road.

Low tire pressure

Don’t wait until the low tire pressure indicator light pops on to check your car tires pressure. Low tire pressure decreases gas mileage and can make it harder to turn your car away from an emergency situation. Check that your tires are pumped to manufacturer specifications on a regular basis.

Poor parallel parking skills

Many people hate to parallel park and only do it when they have to, often muddling through until their car fits into the spot. The problem with this is that you are risking hitting the curb, which deteriorates tires and damages alignment. If this happens too many times, your tires can become whitewashed and at high risk for popping. The best way to parallel park is to line up alongside the car in front of the spot, two feet away. Reverse slowly; turning the wheel toward the curb as far as it will go. Once the back of your front door is even with the rear bumper of the car beside you, begin to turn the wheel away from the curb and keep reversing until you are in the spot.

Slow down in the rain

Many car accidents occur because of drivers failing to slow down in rainy conditions. The first ten minutes of rain fall are the most dangerous because precipitation causes the oil that has built up on the roads to make the road very slick.

Last second change of direction

It is not uncommon for drivers to use their turn signal and begin to make a turn only to realize that they don’t want to turn there afterall. Instead of jerking back, it is best to take the turn anyway and then enter back onto the roadway which could potentially cause a car accident. You never know how close the driver is behind you or if they are paying attention to your last second change.

Prevent personal injuries with proper seat adjustment

Cars come with several options for adjusting to the size of the driver. The driver should be eight to ten inches away from the steering wheel in order to allow the air bag to deploy correctly in a car accident. The seatbelt should cross over the middle of your shoulders and chest and the headrest should be pulled up so it is level with the top of your head. Having the headrest in this position will prevent your head from whipping all the way back in a car crash situation. Make sure your children under 4’11” are in the appropriate child safety seat for the age, weight and height.

Keep your car well maintained

Have your oil changed on the recommended schedule; rotate your tires regularly and follow manufacturer maintenance schedules for optimum performance and avoid maintenance problems that can cause a car crash.

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