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basketball-injuriesExercise is an important part of staying slim and keeping our heart healthy. The trouble for some people is finding an activity that they enjoy and are therefore more likely to keep doing. For many, a sport seems to be the perfect solution: you can socialize and play to get fit. According to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report, however, sports injuries among baby boomers increased by 33 percent from 1991 to 1998 and cost $18.7 billion dollars in medical expenses in 1998 alone! Baby boomers are more active than their parents but this has come at a cost. There were about 276,000 Emergency Room visits for sports-related injuries in 1991 compared to more than 365,000 in 1998. If you include injuries not treated in a hospital the number jumps to a few million! In 2006, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) reported over half a million injuries just for basketball. Another two million injuries were associated with bicycling, football and other sports.

People should be aware of the risks of riding a bicycle. There are more deaths from head injuries that occur while riding a bike than from any other sport. Most bicycle injuries and deaths occur because of a head on collision with a car, particularly in times of heavy traffic, poor visibility due to bad weather and distracted driving. Non-fatal bike injuries include feet caught in spokes, head injuries from falling and slipping while carrying a bike. Drowning while swimming and crashing while skiing are the causes of the next highest number of sport related fatalities. Swimming without a lifeguard present puts people at risk if an unexpected cramp or other difficulty crops up that suspends their ability to swim. Deaths from skiing accidents are usually caused by a high speed crash into a tree of rock.

The game of basketball produces the most injuries of all group sports. Perhaps a factor is the sheer number of people who play basketball for recreation but the jumping and physical aspects of the sport cause opportunities for sports injuries. Players often trip and fall while running and jumping or crash into other players. Blocking the ball under the basketball net puts your eyes and face at risk without any protective equipment. Common basketball injuries include cut hands, broken fingers, sprained ankles, broken legs and eye and forehead injuries.

Other group sports such as Lacrosse, Rugby, Football, Soccer and Baseball have their share of injuries too including broken bones, chipped teeth, dislocated shoulders, twisted knees, facial cuts, strains and sprains.

It has been in the headlines a lot in the last couples of years: Football causes a lot of head injuries. Head Injuries can have long-term effects particularly when there was a loss of consciousness. Other symptoms can crop up as well including headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, irritability and memory loss. Long term the brain damage caused by concussions can increase your risk of strokes, paralysis, headaches plus reduced concentration and mental clarity. It is smart to avoid sports that put you at risk of head injuries including soccer, boxing, ice hockey and of course, football. Helmets and other protective equipment can lessen the impact of a hit to the head but it’s not a guarantee.

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