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The Center for Investigative Reporting announced Saturday that the U.S. Marine Corps is investigating a veteran’s allegations that military personnel and other veterans distributed nude photos of female colleagues and other women as part of a social media network that promotes sexual violence. While a spokesperson for the Marine Corps confirmed the investigation, he reiterated […]

A May, 2015 Department of Defense press briefing on sexual assault in the military revealed a new commitment by top military personnel to acknowledge and better understand the alarmingly high rate of sexual assault in the American military. Under increasing pressure to address the rate of sexual assault in the military, the Defense Department created […]

Young adults ages 18-24 are at high risk for sexual assault and sexual violence. Sadly, sexual assault is rampant on college campuses. In fact, sexual violence is more pervasive on college campuses compared to other crimes: college women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as they are to be robbed. College campus sexual […]

The term sexual assault refers to a variety of sex crimes from rape to internet sex crimes and molestation. In Washington State, rape is defined as forcible* sexual intercourse** without the other person’s consent. *Force can be both physical and emotional, including the use of intimidation, coercion or a threat. **Sexual intercourse is defined as […]

Unlike most personal injury claims, internet sex crimes are intentional criminal acts and are therefore treated as intentional torts in personal injury law. Intentional misconduct cases sometimes result in punitive damages on top of compensatory damages. The Bellingham sexual abuse lawyers at Tario & Associates will fight for the damages that you deserve.