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Of all forms of abuse, sexual abuse is the most likely to go unreported; particularly when it happens to a child. Parents and teachers often miss the hints that are dropped by a child who has been victimized by child sexual abuse. The child is testing the waters for a reaction and when the hints […]

Nursing home sexual abuse is inflicted on our vulnerable elderly population more often than we would like to admit. Nursing home sexual abuse happens when a caregiver or other staff violates the trust that they were given to care for an elderly person and takes advantage of that person sexually. The elderly are more likely […]

Unlike most personal injury claims, internet sex crimes are intentional criminal acts and are therefore treated as intentional torts in personal injury law. Intentional misconduct cases sometimes result in punitive damages on top of compensatory damages. The Bellingham sexual abuse lawyers at Tario & Associates will fight for the damages that you deserve.