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Lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers are essential for mowing large areas. They save time and energy because they move much faster than a push mower but they can also cause serious injuries when an accident occurs. Understanding how to operate a riding mower and using riding mower safety tips are the best ways to […]

Crab enthusiasts who live near the Puget Sound have access to big flavorful crab during our summer season: the Dungeness crab and their less well known cousin the Red Rock crab. For those who choose to catch their own crab, it is best to know basic crabbing safety tips particular to our region before setting […]

Freshwater fishing safety is important. The last thing you want to do is set out for a great freshwater fishing trip and end up with a personal injury or injuring someone else. It is important for parents to teach fishing safety through example and patient explanations about why things should be done in a certain […]

Many people in the Pacific Northwest fish for King Salmon, Ling-cod and Halibut in the frigid ocean waters of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington State in the summer months. Fishing is only part of the process though; fish need to be cleaned and cut into steaks or slabs before they can be eaten. Each of […]

Skin care experts warn people to use sunscreen to protect against the harmful rays of the sun but what happens when sunscreen causes personal injury? An article published in Canada in May, 2017 shares an interview with a mom who claims that Banana Boat sunscreen severely burned her toddler. Rebecca Cannon of Botwood, Newfoundland claims […]

Serious car accidents put the driver and passengers at risk for painful, disfiguring or other long-term injuries including facial injuries. Car accidents that involve a fire, ejection from the vehicle, a rollover, or a head-on-collision are some of the most dangerous types of car accidents.

Competitive cheer involving high-energy acrobatics is the number one sport for girls and it is only growing in popularity. It may come as a surprise that competitive cheerleading has become one of the most dangerous athletic activities for women. It ranks second in catastrophic sport injuries when compared to all sports; only behind American football. […]

In most accident cases an insurance company will be responsible for the settlement negotiated by the plaintiff’s attorney or awarded by a jury. Accident cases may involve a car accident, slip and fall, boating accident, playground accident or any number of other situations. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident through […]

People think of golf as a sport requiring little athletic ability with a small risk of injury. The reality is that golf injuries are fairly common among recreational golfers, affecting 15-20 percent of golfers each year. The risk of injury increases with age. A large portion of golfing injuries are caused by poor mechanics and […]

Millions of people suffer personal injuries every year; keeping personal injury lawyers busy fighting on behalf of their clients. Personal injuries happen in all kinds of circumstances and for all kinds of reasons. In some cases, a personal injury occurs because of the victim’s own carelessness; in others, the accident was the fault of a […]