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parking-lot-accidentsThere are a lot of parking lots in the U.S. and they are especially crowded during the holiday season as people scramble to buy Christmas gifts and buy food for holiday parties. Shockingly, one in five motor vehicle accidents take place in parking lots and account for 14% of auto damage and collision claims. The main culprit behind these accidents is the false assumption that others are driving slowly in a parking lot. The reality is that many people are driving too fast and end up putting others at risk. Many parking lot accidents occur between two vehicles but sadly, pedestrians are often struck by drivers as they move around the parking lot.

Pedestrians are vulnerable to Parking Lot Accidents

Work Related Parking Lot Accidents are 13% of all parking lot accidents which account for 206 deaths every year. Work-related parking lot accidents occur when an employee working in a parking lot is injured on the job after being struck by a vehicle or mobile equipment. These accidents often cause lost work days and job productivity. When the employer owns the parking lot where the injury occurred, they may be held liable for the accident. Contact an accident lawyer to find out your rights and seek damages for your parking lot accident.

Most traffic accidents involving children occur because drivers fail to see kids behind their vehicle while backing up.

Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Laser Focus. Drivers tend to keep their eyes open for an open parking spot and can fail to notice drivers or pedestrians who are in their path.

Blind Spots. Since it is most common to pull straight into a parking spot, most drivers will need to back out of that same spot. Blind spots due to vehicles parked beside the car can create hazards while backing out.

No Enforcement. Interestingly, traffic laws aren’t enforceable in parking lots so there tends to be more reckless behavior and confusion.

Congestion. Parking lots are often crowded which is a recipe for accidents.

Most Dangerous Areas in a Parking Lot

Dark Corners. Dark areas of a car lot attract criminals and accident hazards due to reduced visibility.

Debris. If there are areas of a parking lot with piles of debris or snow, stay away. These obstacles can obstruct vision and cause accidents.

Exits. Parking lots with exit boom gates can be a hazard when drivers try to exit the lot without paying and run through the gate.

7 Tips for Staying Safe in a Parking Lot

1. One quarter of all parking lot accidents occur when a car is being backed out of a spot. Move slowly and look carefully for other drivers and pedestrians!
2. Comply with stop and speed limit signs and stop for pedestrians.
3. Turn on headlights, even during the day, to increase your visibility and decrease your chance of being involved in a parking lot accident.
4. If possible, park far away from the entrance or exit and away from areas with lots of other cars.
5. Wear your seatbelt. Accidents can happen anytime.
6. Park in well-lit areas of the parking lot.
7. Be a responsible pedestrian. Don’t walk in the middle of the lane or hamper your awareness by texting and walking.

Call an accident Attorney if you’ve been injured in a Parking Lot Accident!

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