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Auto Accidents Caused by Texting

We’ve all done it. We’re driving down the road and the cell phone rings. Our immediate reaction is to grab the phone and respond. The result? As a driver, our eyes, hands, and attention are diverted, presenting a potentially life threatening situation to ourselves, our passengers and the surrounding traffic. As an auto accident attorney in Bellingham, our firm hears about the tragic outcome that occurs from drivers using their cell phones on a regular basis.

When the ringing phone is notification of a text message, the implication is even greater since most people need 2 hands to text. According to the Washington Traffic Safety Administration, drivers are 24 times more likely to get into an automobile accident while texting, a staggering statistic. The State of Washington is so concerned about the change in driver behavior, they are preparing to launch a campaign similiar to the “Click It or Ticket” seat belt campaign, which will be designed to show the dangers of texting while driving. 

According to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, once that cell phone is a smart phone, the chance a driver will do something unsafe behind the wheel goes up dramatically. Associations, teen groups and celebrities are all pitching in to try to end this dangerous driving behavior. Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson has even joined the campaign.

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