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Keeping young children safe is a primary concern for most parents and caregivers. Since children do not necessarily understand the risks and consequences associated with certain actions, it is up to adults to protect kids through common sense child safety rules. The following child safety tips are helpful in a variety of common situations.

School is back in session and that means heavy traffic congestion in and around schools, kids rushing to walk or bike to school on time and harried parents dropping and picking kids up before rushing to work. Especially in the first couple of weeks of school – but really all year during drop off and […]

Today’s parents are faced with decisions to make over how much time their children spend in front of a screen. “Screen time” is a term used for activities done in front of a screen like watching videos on a tablet, working on a computer, watching TV or playing video games. Computers can help kids with […]

Child obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Today, doctors are treating obese children for medical conditions once only seen in the adult population such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and more. In addition to health problems, child obesity can lead to depression and even lower math and reading scores (Mitgang, […]

Every year, 14 million children experience an unintentional injury; up to 25 percent of the accidents occur in and around their school. It makes sense; more than 53 million children attend school and they spend almost a quarter of their day on school property. Parents don’t have a lot of control over preventing a school […]

Today’s kids are having a very different school playground experience than their parents and grandparents. Concerns over injuries and general safety have prompted schools to eliminate many traditional games from the school yard, such as tag and red rover and stop actions like hanging upside down on the monkey bars and jumping off of swings. […]

Many of the school playground games that parents remember playing as kids are no longer allowed: dodge ball, tag, red rover and even activities like hanging upside down or sitting on top of the monkey bars, jumping off of swings and climbing up or sliding head first down the slide. We are in a new […]

As far as transportation goes, school buses are the safest mode by far. School buses have a rate of 0.2 deaths per 100 million miles traveled; the rate of deaths in automobiles is eight times higher. Put another way, between 1994 and 2004, 71 school bus passengers died in crashes compared to 31,693 people killed […]