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campsite-cookingAs summer winds down many of us will take the opportunity to get in one last camping trip with the family. With camping comes outdoor cooking and the potential for camping cooking accidents and fire and burn injuries. Being aware of safety guidelines as the best way to prevent a fire or burn injury from a cookout.

Hazards include young children running around campfires or grills then tripping and falling and sustaining a burn injury. Adults also need to be very cautious to keep flames in check, particularly when using lighting/starter fluids.

Whether you are going camping or just grilling in the backyard, there are some safety tips to heed to avoid burn injuries.

Camping Fire and Burn Safety Tips

  • Keep tents at a reasonable distance from open flames and downwind from the cooking area
  • When buying a tent, check from flame-retardant fabric
  • Always make sure fire is completely extinguished before leaving it unattended
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency
  • NEVER add flammable liquid to an existing fire or hot coals; it could cause an explosion
  • Follow all fire laws and ordinances
  • Children should be constantly supervised when by a fire
  • If possible, use a designated fire pit

Propane Safety Tips

  • Never leave a grill unattended
  • Be careful when refilling or reattaching a cylinder as most injuries occur during this time
  • Only use approved cooking appliances in good working order
  • Never store propane cylinders in temperatures above 120 or indoors
  • Only open the valve one quarter to one half for lighting
  • Always shut off the valve to a fuel source when it is not in use
  • Never start a gas grill with the lid of the grill closed as the propane could have accumulated inside and cause an explosion and a burn injury
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Never use an open flame, candle or match to test for propane leaks
    • The safest way to find a leak is by spraying soapy water at the connections. If bubbles appear then there is a leak. Immediately shut off the tank valve and tighten the connections. If the connections continue to leak, have a certified dealer check the grill before using it again.
  • Periodically clean the Venturi tubes that displace the gas under the grill
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy
  • Wear tight-fitting or short-sleeved clothing while cooking on a grill
  • Keep children and pets away from grilling areas at all times
  • ALWAYS detach the propane cylinder before transporting

Charcoal Grill Safety Tips

  • Keep children safely away from the barbecue fire
  • NEVER use gasoline as a starter fluid or accelerant
  • In order to avoid a buildup of explosive vapors, wait a minute to light your fire after soaking the coals with lighter/starter fluid
  • If you are using lighter/starter fluid, keep the container a safe distance from the grill before lighting
  • Be careful not to spill any fluid on your clothing or in the area surrounding the grill
  • Wear an insulated, fire retardant barbecue mitt when lighting pre-soaked coals
  • Never add lighter/starter fluid to hot or even warm coals. An explosion can result.
  • Use only barbecue lighters with “child-resistant” printed on the package

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