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Insurance-claim-deniedAlthough it is from 2007, CNN’s 18 month investigation and subsequent report on how major insurance companies treat claims of car accident victims is still relevant seven years later. The report shows that accident victims who submit a claim for soft tissue injuries are being subjected to un-due scrutiny and falsely labeled as abusing the system. Insurance Companies are putting profits over accident victims to an alarming degree.

Soft Tissue Injury

A Soft Tissue Injury is defined as damage of muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body and is not easily visible from the outside or even in an x-ray.

Findings from the CNN Study:

In the mid-1990s most major insurance companies* sought advice on maximizing profits and chose to adopt a very tough “take-it-or-leave-it” strategy when handling claims for accidents involving soft tissue injuries. Essentially this means that the company will fight to not even offer you a settlement and if they do it will be for far less than your injury is worth. The final piece of the strategy involves dragging the process out so long that injury lawyers will start refusing to help clients fight for compensation. According to former Allstate and State Farm employee Jim Mathis, the strategy relies on the three D’s