Are you considering taking your case on appeal after a unfavorable outcome at trial? The complexion of a criminal case drastically changes when it goes up on appeal. While the skills of a trial attorney are the ability to examine and cross examine witnesses and make persuasive arguments to juries, appellate litigation is quite different. Arguments which may persuade a jury have no place in the context of appellate judges. In other words, arguments regarding factual matters and the credibility of witnesses no longer matter. Instead, the focus shifts to highly legal arguments regarding the rulings made by the trial judge, the jury instructions and other questions of law. A good appellate attorney is a skilled brief writer who knows how to condense the mistakes made by the trial court into appealable issues.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Tario & Associates, P.S. share a wealth of experience in appellate work. Even if your trial attorney is also an experienced appellate attorney, it is often a good idea to employ a new attorney in order to get a fresh view of the case. A new attorney may see issues that the trial attorney failed to see. Consulting an appellate attorney before or during trial is advantageous if an appeal can be anticipated. An experienced appellate attorney can help preserve errors for review by an appellate court. If legal issues have not been properly preserved, appellate attorneys can prepare post-trial motions for the trial court, which may assist future appellate litigation.  Call us today at (360) 671-8500 for a free consultation.