spring cleaning safety tips

For many, early spring is associated with deep cleaning. Whenever we exert ourselves more than normal, however, it is important to be careful to prevent an injury. Follow these spring cleaning safety tips to get your house and yard sparkling clean without getting into an accident.

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

  1. Don’t cut corners or rush the job

A deep clean is time consuming and tiring but cutting corners or rushing the job to get it done sooner can lead to carelessness and injuries. If you become exhausted while working on your home, take a break near a fan if you are hot, have a snack and drink a glass of water. Sit and rest instead of rushing.

  1. Use proper lifting techniques

Always use proper lifting techniques when moving furniture, equipment and appliances. Keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Wear enclosed, non-skid shoes and gloves with grip. Ask for help to move very big, heavy or awkward items. If you can’t move the object on your own, it is best to simply clean around it.

  1. Follow ladder safety protocol

There are many tasks that require the use of a ladder. The first tip is to choose an appropriate ladder for the job: a step ladder is meant for medium height jobs like washing windows while an extension ladder will be needed for cleaning roofs or gutters. If you need to use an extension ladder, have a spotter at the bottom to hold the ladder steady. Make sure that your weight combined with the weight of your cleaning tools does not exceed the ladder’s maximum load rating.

Place the ladder in the center of where you need to work; never lean so far that your belly button is beyond the sides of the ladder. Wear non-skid shoes in case the ladder rungs are wet.

  1. Prevent a slip and fall accident on a wet floor

Washing floors will surely be part of any spring cleaning regimen which means that you will be walking on wet surfaces. Walk slowly, warn other adults and keep children away from wet floors.

  1. Prevent a trip and fall accident

You are likely to be moving furniture and clutter or gathering garbage while cleaning your home. Clear out any boxes or bags as soon as possible and never place them or furniture in front of stairs, landings or walkways.

  1. Don’t overload your arms

Be careful not to carry too much stuff at once, especially on stairs. Always make sure that you can see over the load you are carrying or have a spotter to help guide your way.

  1. Always follow safety instructions

Whether using cleaning equipment such as a power washer or a cleaning product such as bleach to clean your cupboards, always follow label safety instructions and recommendations. Open windows, turn on the ceiling fan or station a fan in the room when using chemicals to avoid getting sick from the fumes. Never mix chemical products together; they could have an unexpected chemical reaction. Wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and nails from the chemicals and hot water.

  1. Wear a mask when cleaning dusty areas

If you don’t dust regularly, there will be quite a bit to clean during spring dusting. If you are allergic to dust, be sure to wear a mask.

  1. Never leave buckets filled with water around your home if you have small children

If you need to take a quick break, move the bucket to an area inaccessible to your kids; even small amounts of water are a drowning hazard for small children.

  1. Put away all your cleaning supplies when you are done

Make sure you leave yourself enough time and energy to put away your tools, equipment and cleaning supplies at the end of the cleaning session. Putting everything away can help to prevent unnecessary slip, trip or fall accidents and children or pets getting into dangerous chemicals.

These spring cleaning safety tips will help to keep you and your family safe during your spring cleaning efforts. Happy spring cleaning!

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