traffic fatalities

With the lowest gas prices since 2008, many families will take one last road trip before the start of the school year, increasing traffic on the long Labor Day weekend. More cars on the road will mean plenty of Labor Day car accidents.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another driver, contact a car accident attorney who can help negotiate the best settlement from the insurance agency.

Labor Day car accidents statistics

According to The National Safety Council (NSC), about 395 Americans will be involved in fatal car accidents and 47,800 people will be seriously injured in Labor Day weekend car accidents. Between 2008 and 2013, the NSC researchers identified an 8.9 percent increase in fatal car accidents on Labor Day weekends compared to a non-holiday weekend.

Driving safety tips to prevent Labor Day car accidents

Motorists should be prepared to drive defensively over the Labor Day weekend.

  • Be prepared to drive more slowly and avoid drivers exhibiting road rage. Pull over and let the tailing driver pass.
  • Drivers should ensure that all passengers wear seat belts and that children are safely secured in recommended car seats for their age, weight and height.
  • Leave early to allow some extra time to reach your destination and decrease stress if you do run into congestion.
  • Ensure that you are well rested before you leave for a long drive. Take breaks to stretch and refresh yourself every two hours or so. Pull over and nap if necessary.
  • Check your medications for warnings of drowsiness; do not drive on any medication with that warning.
  • Avoid distractions while driving including cell phone use and heated conversations.
  • Don’t drink or do drugs and drive.

Alcohol related car crashes increase during Labor Day weekend

Many holiday weekends have an increase in alcohol-related accidents. According to statistics by Mothers Against Drunk Driving: 161 people lost their lives in car accidents that happened during Labor Day weekend 2013.

If you plan to consume alcohol over the weekend, be sure to arrange a designated driver in advance. Prevent an alcohol-related car crash that could potentially injure yourself or others. You could also face fines, increased insurance rates or even jail time.

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