If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents today!

Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle accidents do not occur more frequently than car accidents, but they are 35 times more likely to result in serious injury or death of the motorcyclist. Identifying the most common causes of motorcycle accidents then is important in their prevention.

50% of Accidents Caused by Drugs, Alcohol or Reckless Driving

Approximately 50% of motorcycle accidents not involving another vehicle occur due to drug or alcohol impairment, sleep deprivation or reckless driving, such as excessive speeding. Although these are common causes of other types of motor vehicles accidents as well, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injury or death.

Cars Making Left Hand Turns

Cars making left hand turns account for 42% of all motorcycle accidents involving a car. Cars are most likely to hit a motorcycle when the motorcycle is driving straight through the intersection or when the motorcyclist is passing or trying to overtake the car. Although this type of accident is common between two cars, the motorcyclist is more physically vulnerable to injury. When a motorcyclist passes a vehicle in the same lane, they are making themselves even more vulnerable and could possibly be found at fault for the accident.

78% of Crashes are Head-on Collisions

78% of crashes between motorcycles and cars are head-on collisions (only 5% are rear-end collisions) and they account for 56% of motorcyclist deaths.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Motorcycle lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slowing traffic, typically to advance their position in a traffic jam. This can cause an accident for several reasons, but the most common are the driver not expecting another moving vehicle or motorcycle to pass them in their lane, the close proximity of the motorcycle to the vehicle and thereby the small space for maneuvering of both the motorcycle and the car. If an accident occurs, fault may be found with either the motorcyclist or car driver depending on whether lane splitting is legal in that state and the subsequent judgments of the police officer and/or judge in the case. Prior driving behavior or driver impairment will also play a role in determining liability.

Road Hazards Particular to Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to accidents from road hazards than other drivers due to the smaller size, openness and less stable nature of motorcycles compared to cars and trucks. The most common road hazards include pot holes, dead animals or other road debris, slick driving conditions, uneven heights between lanes and very bumpy or grooved pavement.

“Hitting the Wall”

25% of motorcycle accident deaths are caused by collisions with fixed objects compared to 18% of car accident deaths. Motorcyclists are more likely to be flung off of a motorcycle than drivers are to be flung through their windshield.

Super Racer 2x as Likely to Die

Sport and supersport motorcycle accidents account for a large percentage of overall motorcycle accidents despite being a small percentage of motorcycles on the road. Supersport motorcycles are built for racing then modified for highway use. They are ultra-light with powerful engines that can drive up to 160mph. In addition, most supersport riders are under 30; a group less likely to be cautious on the road. The accident death rate for supersport motorcyclists is four times that of other types of motorcyclists. Sport motorcycles are similar to supersport motorcycles but have a smaller power to weight ratio making their top speed a little lower. Most sport motorcycle owners are under the age of 34. The accident death rate for sport motorcyclists is twice that of other types of motorcyclists.

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