household accidents

Household accidents cause thousands of deaths in the United States every year. There are some common risk factors to look out for in keeping yourself and your family safe in your home. It is always smart to do regular safety equipment checks such as replacing batteries on smoke detectors and maintaining appliances and household structures in good working order.

Common Household Accidents


Falling accidents represent more than one third of all fatal injuries. Tripping and falling accident hazards can be reduced around your home by keeping walkways clear of debris and well lit. Clean up spills promptly to avoid a slip and fall accident.


Despite labels and public awareness about the risk of poisoning, millions of Americans suffer from a poisoning accident every year. Many poisoning accidents happen to children under the age of six who do not understand the risk of poisoning and get their hands on medications or household cleaning chemicals. The Washington Poison Control center can be reached at 1-800-222-222.


Household fires can cause a lot of damage and are a very real risk for smoke inhalation injuries or flame-related deaths. Keep flammable items such as curtains away from open flames and place electronics away from walls to give them room to keep cool as they work. Do not walk away from the stove while cooking and be careful not to overload electrical circuits. Ensure that your smoke detector is working by replacing batteries as needed and running periodic tests.

Suffocation and Choking

Young children are susceptible to choking or suffocating on a variety of small or common household objects including food, which accounts for a third of these deaths. If you have little ones around, keep small items out of reach and supervise meals and snacks. In case of a choking emergency call 911.


Drowning accidents can happen in a few seconds in just a couple inches of water. Young children are the most vulnerable to drowning accidents, so supervising bath time and kiddy pool play is very important. Keep backyard pools enclosed in a locked fence. Adults should avoid falling asleep while taking a bath as the risk for slipping under is real.


Hundreds of Americans are killed by firearms within the home every year. These firearm accidents are typically classified as homicides or suicides even if it was actually an accident within the home. Firearms should always be stored un-loaded in a locked safe. Children should never have access to firearms inside the home.


The statistics are a bit hard to decipher as they are tied to homicides and suicides but unintentional cuts and piercings do occur in homes every years. Be sure to keep sharp objects out of the way of young children and stored appropriately.


Carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks can happen so quickly and silently that they catch a family unaware until it is too late to prevent a deadly accident. Installing a carbon Monoxide detector in your home is a good step to preventing such a leak accident.

Struck by an Object

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), being struck by an object is a leading cause of accidental death. This type of accident can be minimized by keeping heavy or unstable items on solid ground and keeping sharp items from protruding out of walkways.


On average, a few hundred Americans are killed by electrocution accidents in the home every year. Avoid using electronic equipment near water or outside during a rain storm. Large appliances are responsible for about 20 percent of household electrocution accidents so be sure to keep appliances in good working order.

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