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car accident deaths

Our June blog post about a sharp rise in Whatcom County car accident deaths marked 10 deaths between January and mid-June, 2017. As of November 14, 2017 Whatcom County has experienced a tragic 20 crash deaths, which means a shocking additional 10 lives lost. The county has averaged 15 deaths from traffic accidents each year […]

suing after a car accident

After most car accidents one or both parties involved make insurance claims to cover expenses such as property damage and medical expenses/therapy. The insurance agencies make a settlement offer which must be accepted by the individuals involved. When the settlement on the table is not acceptable because it does not cover ongoing medical care or […]

Drowsy driving

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), one out of every 10 drivers has fallen asleep behind the wheel; one out of every eight car accidents that lead to hospitalization is because of drowsy driving and drowsy driving car accidents are responsible for 6,400 deaths each year. These alarming statistics mean that drowsy driving prevention […]

drunk driving car accidents

Tario & Associates, P.S. has more than 35 years experience representing victims of drunk driving car accidents. When you have been seriously injured through no fault of your own you may need a legal advocate who will fight for the settlement you deserve. Free consultations and no up-front fees make hiring a car accident lawyer […]

pedestrian accidents

A beautiful October day can be ideal for a walk; many like to get out and enjoy the outdoors with the leaves in all colors and walking is good for your heart and overall health. It is important, however, to keep safety in mind while out walking in October to prevent pedestrian accidents. The Pacific […]

self-driving car accident rate

The question may not be “are self-driving cars safe” but whether other drivers are ready to be on the road with self-driving cars? A 2015 study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that self-driving test cars had car accident rates five times higher than conventional cars but that they were not at […]

Fleet accidents

October 2- 6 is National Drive Safely to Work Week aimed at reducing fleet accidents. The safety awareness campaign is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), a collaborative group of employer road safety professionals. Their mission is to advance road safety for employees, their family members and members of the communities […]

learn to drive

While parents may be eager to let go of some of the driving duties for their kids’ activities, there is often fear over a teen learning how to drive. And for good reason: Car crashes are the number one killer of teens. The younger the teen, the higher the rate of car crashes. Teenage brains […]