portable generator-related deaths

Portable generators have many uses including heating and lighting campsites and as backup electricity for when the power goes out unexpectedly. Many businesses and some households keep generators on hand for just this reason. Anyone using a portable generator should be aware of the dangers that it can pose if not used in a safe […]

carbon monoxide poisoning

A five year study on carbon monoxide poisoning statistics between 1999 and 2004 was completed and released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in December, 2007. The research team found that January was the deadliest month of the year for carbon monoxide poisonings in the United States. They attributed at least two […]

slip and fall accident

Winter in the Pacific Northwest means many days (and nights) with ice and snow on the ground. These slippery conditions means a dramatically increased risk for a slip and fall accident on icy walkways. Simple preventative measures on the part of walkers and property owners can help reduce the chances of a serious slip and […]

traffic fatalities

Road traffic increases on most major holidays as people travel to visit family and friends; New Year’s is no exception. According to the National Safety Council’s (NSC) traffic study of six major holidays, New Year’s Eve came in at the fifth deadliest. New Year’s Eve traffic accident statistics also reveal what is probably obvious; drinking […]

slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents on icy walkways can be particularly dangerous because they often mean falling onto unforgiving cement. In the Pacific Northwest, there is a risk of slippery ice between the end of October and the beginning on March.

social host liability

New Year’s Eve parties are a popular way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family; and champagne for toasting is often involved. Hosts decide how to decorate their home, what food and beverages to serve and who to invite. If the social host chooses to serve alcohol they should be especially wary if there […]

social host liability

This week thousands of people will host Christmas gatherings. Many people associate alcohol with family gatherings for the holidays. If the social host chooses to serve alcohol they should be especially wary if there are minors present; it is illegal in all 50 states to serve alcohol to a minor. Some adults mistakenly believe that […]

defective products liability

Starting in November parents, grandparents and extended family get busy buying gifts for the children in their lives. No one wants to see children hurt and yet there are toys on the market with the potential to cause harm. When injuries are caused by a design flaw or other defect, defective products liability laws may […]