summertime accidents

With summer comes warm weather and more outdoor and water activities. With these activities, however, comes a risk of summertime accidents and injuries. How to avoid the top 10 summertime accidents

summer safety tips

With soaring heat, more water and other outdoor activities comes an increased risk for accidents. Following these basic summer safety tips will help to keep you and your family safe this summer.  Top summer safety tips Always wear a helmet when doing active outdoor activities like skateboarding, biking, roller blading or using a scooter, hover […]

travel trailer accident

Summer time means a big increase in camping and road trips; many people choose a travel trailer as their mode of transportation and their home away from home. Towing mistakes can increase your risk of a travel trailer accident; follow the trailer towing tips below to help prevent an accident. Use these trailer towing tips […]

RV accidents

Recreational vehicles (RV) of all kinds including camper vans, fifth wheels, motor homes and toy haulers are a very popular way to travel and vacation all across North America. RV accidents are a real risk, however, as they are prone to problems such as blind spots, extended braking distance and lack of maneuverability. Federal law […]

RV accidents

RVs are high-profile vehicles and are intentionally designed to offer the biggest possible living space with the lightest possible weight. As a result, RVs are susceptible to heavy damage from wind gusts and stationary objects when they are involved in RV accidents. Many RV accidents can be avoided with simple defensive driving techniques. Generally, you […]

car accident fatalities

January is ranked as the second highest month for car accident fatalities due largely to winter driving conditions like snow, minimal sun-light and ice. Many will be surprised then that August is actually the most deadly month for car accident fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Summer is a dangerous time on […]

bike accidents

In the majority of states, a bicycle is classified as a vehicle and is therefore expected to follow the same rules of the road as motorists. In bike accidents at intersections, fault – or liability – usually comes down to who had the right of way*. Essentially, preferential treatment is not given to bicyclists. *Right […]

bike accidents

Cyclists are most likely to be involved in bike accidents involving a car at intersections. While only 11 percent of bike accidents involve a car, 45 percent of them take place at intersections. Some common causes for bike accidents involving cars: Motorists often underestimate the speed of a bike, fail to watch out for bikes […]

Sexual harassment damages

Sexual harassment is not acceptable in the workplace or anywhere else and victims may be entitled to compensation through damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, comments or actions of a sexual nature or offensive comments about one’s gender. Sexual harassment damages Damages for sexual harassment are awarded […]

child sexual abuse

Of all forms of abuse, sexual abuse is the most likely to go unreported; particularly when it happens to a child. Parents and teachers often miss the hints that are dropped by a child who has been victimized by child sexual abuse. The child is testing the waters for a reaction and when the hints […]