car accident fatality rate

About 18 out of 100,000 people die in car accidents across the planet each year but the car accident fatality rate is quite different from country to country. Topping the chart with the highest car-accident death rate is the country of Namibia with 45 people killed out of every 100,000 in the population. The Maldives, […]

distracted driving law

On Tuesday, May 16 Governor Jay Inslee signed a tougher distracted driving law for Washington State. The new law – aimed at cracking down on hand-held cell phone use while driving – was originally set to go into effect in 2019. To the delight of the safety advocates, Inslee vetoed the delayed start date in […]

Car accident fatalities

Most people know that bigger, heaver vehicles protect passengers better than small cars from car accident fatalities. If you are in the market for a vehicle for yourself or your teenager, you are likely weighing many factors including safety ratings, gas mileage and cost. The downside of larger vehicles is their tendency to be “gas […]

Big Rig Truck Accidents

Big rigs criss-cross our rural and city roads and highways everyday as they transport goods from one location to another. Due to their enormous size and weight, big rig truck accidents involving a passenger vehicle can mean terrible injuries or even death to the people in the smaller vehicle.

child safety tips

Keeping young children safe is a primary concern for most parents and caregivers. Since children do not necessarily understand the risks and consequences associated with certain actions, it is up to adults to protect kids through common sense child safety rules. The following child safety tips are helpful in a variety of common situations.

distracted driving law

While all drivers face risks, the factor most responsible for increasing car crashes and deaths appears to be inexperience. Statistics show that drivers who have recently earned their license, especially new teenage drivers, have the highest car accident rates. Drivers well into their twenties have higher crash rates than older drivers as well which could […]

Fatal car crashes

The differing road network density, travel patterns and roadway characteristics of urban and rural areas mean large differences in fatal car crash statistics. For example, crashes that involve the death of a pedestrian and deaths at intersections are much more common in urban areas, whereas a larger proportion of large truck occupant deaths and deaths […]

Intersection car accidents

The vast majority of car crashes are caused by driver errors but in some cases, intersection car accidents are caused by poorly designed roads or intersections. If a poorly designed intersection was the cause of your car accident then you may be in a position to sue the government entity responsible for the roadway. For […]

Used vehicles for teens

On April 12, 2017, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced that they would be “applying more stringent criteria” to its list of recommended used vehicles for teens. The new vehicle safety standards list includes small overlap front crash protection and better side and head restraint ratings requirements. This was made possible because recent […]

side-impact car accident

Side-impact car accidents often result in serious injury or death, particularly in vehicles lacking side air bags. Side-impact car crashes are also called broadside crashes or T-bone accidents because of the perpendicular shape the cars make upon impact. In many cases, side-impact crashes happen unexpectedly for the victim as the at-fault car comes careening into […]