Sexual harassment damages

Sexual harassment is not acceptable in the workplace or anywhere else and victims may be entitled to compensation through damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, comments or actions of a sexual nature or offensive comments about one’s gender. Sexual harassment damages Damages for sexual harassment are awarded […]

child sexual abuse

Of all forms of abuse, sexual abuse is the most likely to go unreported; particularly when it happens to a child. Parents and teachers often miss the hints that are dropped by a child who has been victimized by child sexual abuse. The child is testing the waters for a reaction and when the hints […]

child sexual abuse

As with all types of sexual abuse, the incidence of child sexual abuse is difficult to quantify because it is rarely reported. The definition of child sexual abuse may vary from study to study, which can also impact statistics. We think of sexual abuse being prosecuted in a criminal case, but a sex crime can […]

sexual assault

We think of a sexual assault being prosecuted in a criminal case, but a sex crime can also be part of a lawsuit in a civil case. While a criminal charge against a perpetrator can bring fines, probation and jail time; a civil lawsuit is aimed at monetary compensation for the victim of the sexual […]

military sexual assault

A May, 2015 Department of Defense press briefing on sexual assault in the military revealed a new commitment by top military personnel to acknowledge and better understand the alarmingly high rate of sexual assault in the American military. Under increasing pressure to address the rate of sexual assault in the military, the Defense Department created […]

sexual assault

Young adults ages 18-24 are at high risk for sexual assault and sexual violence. Sadly, sexual assault is rampant on college campuses. In fact, sexual violence is more pervasive on college campuses compared to other crimes: college women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as they are to be robbed. College campus sexual […]

product liability

If you or a loved one was injured or suffered other damages because of a product; you may have been the victim of a defective product. Defective product liability attorneys help victims file claims to recoup damages for their personal injury. Defective product liability claims typically fall into three categories: (1) Defective manufacture / manufacturer […]

sexual assault

The term sexual assault refers to a variety of sex crimes from rape to internet sex crimes and molestation. In Washington State, rape is defined as forcible* sexual intercourse** without the other person’s consent. *Force can be both physical and emotional, including the use of intimidation, coercion or a threat. **Sexual intercourse is defined as […]

elder malnutrition

Malnourishment and elder malnutrition are common issues among nursing home residents. The elderly require a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, grains and vegetables and overall ample calories to meet their bodies’ demands. If the food provided at the nursing home is unhealthy or insufficient to meet caloric needs then residents become at risk for […]

nursing home sexual abuse

Nursing home sexual abuse is inflicted on our vulnerable elderly population more often than we would like to admit. Nursing home sexual abuse happens when a caregiver or other staff violates the trust that they were given to care for an elderly person and takes advantage of that person sexually. The elderly are more likely […]