saltwater fishing safety

Saltwater fishing has its own set of challenges and rewards. Understanding the nuances of saltwater fishing as well as some basic saltwater fishing tips will help ensure that you have a successful and safe trip. Planning a trip with experienced fishermen or hiring a fishing guide who will walk you through each step of the […]

ocean kayak safety tips

Kayaking is one of the safest outdoor sports, but it has the potential to be very dangerous if common sense safety rules are not followed or unexpected conditions are not handled well. Remember that the better you prepare for your trip, the better your potential experience. If you or a loved one has experienced an […]

pet safety tips children

Adding a cat or dog to your family can bring a lot of joy. In addition, the benefits for children are great: increased self-esteem, nurturing skills, cooperation and, learning to build an unconditional, loving bond. Before you bring home a new pet, however, it is important that you and your children understand some simple rules […]

pet safety tips

Pets do not handle hot weather in the same way as humans. When we are hot, we sweat to release heat; dogs hang their tongues out of their mouths. As a result, pets do not have as easy of a time cooling off and need our protection and care to stay safe in the heat. […]

home alone

Like many of you, I have a special place in my heart for Kevin McCallister, the young protagonist in the blockbuster series “Home Alone”. That kid is resourceful like no other. He masterfully keeps his house safe and effectively outwits the villains using creative and imaginative methods that would elude most adults. All turns out […]

home safety

Windows Especially during the warm summer months, it is common that windows will be left open and unlocked. An open window visible from the road or a nearby pathway can make your home a target, particularly if it is on the ground floor. Upper floor windows can also attract activity if they can be accessed […]

home safety tips

When it comes to keeping your home safe, burglary is your biggest risk. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds. The majority of home and apartment burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or school. The summer months of July and August […]

wood smoke

Many people associate camping with fresh air, stars, and a great campfire but what about the dangers of wood smoke? Campfire wood smoke is actually full of dangerous toxins and it is almost inevitable that you will get some smoke in your eyes, throat, and lungs. Items such as newspaper, plates, and plastic serving ware […]

campfire safety tips

Hot, dry weather brings the risk for wildfires, particularly when people are lighting campfires in dry, wooded areas. Although Washington State has implemented a campfire ban due to the recent dry weather, it is good to understand campfire safety in case the ban is lifted in the future. These campfire safety tips can help you […]

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving can be a way to reduce your risk of car accident. In addition, many insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who go a certain number of year’s accident free or complete a defensive driving safety course. Defensive driving skills can also be helpful to new drivers who are learning how to avoid […]