Household Poisonings

The American Association of Poison Control Centers has released poison prevention tips for children and adults. A product liability lawyer may be able to help you if you or a loved one has been poisoned by a household chemical. Prevent household poisonings in your home by following these simple rules. Top Tips to Prevent Household […]

household accidents

Household accidents cause thousands of deaths in the United States every year. There are some common risk factors to look out for in keeping yourself and your family safe in your home. It is always smart to do regular safety equipment checks such as replacing batteries on smoke detectors and maintaining appliances and household structures […]

hydroplaning accidents

Hydroplaning Accidents, sometimes called aquaplaning or planing are caused when a driver loses control of the steering wheel because a layer of water on the roadway prevents direct contact between the tires and the road surface. This loss of friction is caused because the tire cannot move the water out of the way fast enough. […]

slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident is a very common type of premise accident that is sometimes caused by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. A personal injury attorney can help you through your slip and fall case. Property owners have a reasonable duty to be aware of dangerous conditions on their property and fix those […]

house fires

In 2011 residential house fires claimed the lives of 3,005 Americans and cost 11.7 Billion dollars in damages. Fires are partially dangerous because they can start small and rage out of control in minutes; burning your house to the ground in a short period of time. Learning common fire hazards can help to prevent residential […]

need car insurance

Car insurance is an expense so there is a temptation to skip it or to ask: do I really need car insurance? Truthfully, most people with a driver’s license should carry car insurance, even if you don’t own a vehicle. Carrying car insurance is the law in Washington State if you drive a vehicle. But […]

car insurance Washington

Washington has a mandatory liability car insurance law to ensure that if you are involved in an accident that is your fault you can help pay for personal injuries and property damage. Washington State’s Mandatory Liability Insurance must include: Minimum coverage of: $25,000 for injuries or death per person $50,000 total for injuries or death […]

need car insurance

What happens if I am in an accident with an uninsured motorist? Across the country, 14 percent of drivers are uninsured. In Washington State 18 percent of motorists are uninsured! If you are hit by a driver without car insurance and you don’t have uninsured motorist property damage coverage, then you will need to sue […]

comprehensive car insurance

Liability coverage is required in most states. It is often referred to as Bodily Injury Liability and provides coverage in case of bodily injury or death from a car accident for which you are responsible. Comprehensive car insurance is a type of car insurance designed to protect against the expenses of physical damage to a […]

car theft

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports states that a car theft occurred every 40 seconds in the United States in 2008; translating to about 930,000 incidents. Urban areas see the highest percentage of car theft and “Car Jackings”. Car theft fell by 17 percent to approximately 795,000 incidents in 2009. In that year the South experienced […]