turkey safety tips

Many people choose to buy frozen turkeys in advance of their Thanksgiving meal. Since most of the meat that we purchase is fresh, some frozen turkey safety tips are helpful to making sure your turkey is thawed, prepared, and stored safely. Top Frozen Turkey Safety Tips Tips on buying a frozen turkey

turkey safety tips

It’s three days to Thanksgiving and if your frozen turkey is 16 to 20 pounds it should be defrosting today if you want to use the safest thawing option: the fridge. (Note: if your turkey is above 20 pounds you may need to run it in a cold water bath first to get it thawed […]

thanksgiving pet safety

Thanksgiving is full of food, family, and thankfulness. As people gather for their thanksgiving feast, they may be tempted to indulge their pets as well. Pets are more likely to be given table scraps and other treats over the holiday but owners should understand that too much divergence from a pet’s regular diet can cause […]

house fire safety

From the time a fire starts, you and your family may only have two minutes to escape safely. Planning ahead for fire safety can mean the difference between getting out and not making it. Talk with all household members about a fire escape plan and practice the plan twice per year. Know that sixty percent […]

Flood safety

Some areas are more prone to floods than others but even if your home isn’t in a flood zone you could still end up driving through an area with flooded streets. The risk of flooding increases in the fall and winter when we are more likely to experience heavy rain. If you are concerned about […]

earthquake safety

Many of us remember earthquake drills in our early school days but a good refresher on what to do in case of an earthquake is a good idea. The same simple earthquake safety instructions are still being taught today: if you feel an earthquake DROP to the ground, take COVER under a desk or table […]

emergency kit

In life we never know when we could be faced with an emergency. In the Northwest, we are surrounded by tremendous beauty in our coastal views, beaches and mountains. We are, however, told that a large earthquake could come and wreak havoc on our region and life as we know it. Living on a coast […]


You never know when you will be faced with an emergency that will affect you, your spouse, children and pets. It is smart to talk in advance and come up with a plan of action in case disaster strikes. Prepare yourself and your family for any emergency by planning ahead. Think about where your daily […]

carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of unintentional poisoning deaths in the United States. Its odorless, colorless nature makes it undetectable until a person is already experiencing symptoms, is injured, or dead. Carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for 15,000 emergency department visits and nearly 500 deaths annually in the United States. This […]

carbon monoxide safety

Carbon Monoxide is known as a silent, invisible killer; it is created when fuels such as wood, natural gas, and propane burn incompletely. We are most vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning in our homes where heating and cooking equipment that burn fuel can create the deadly gas. Cars or generators running in an attached garage […]